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Welcome to the Corporate Campus

for Continuous Professional Development

With an end-to-end Human Resources Development offering, The Corporate Campus works with clients to formulate a data-driven Training & Development roadmap, but also to execute that plan effectively. We inspire companies to dream big and set audacious goals while tapping into a deep fact base to ensure the actionability of strategic objectives.

The Corporate Campus carefully considers a client’s high-growth verticals and necessary skill-set developments to ensure the workforce is up to the required skill levels to secure superior ROI. We understand that the best strategies on paper can be stalled by workforce skill-set constraints and other practical obstacles during implementation. This is why we work with clients from the Training Need Analysis to Training Plan Development to ensure the conversion of formulated Training & Development Plan into detailed trainings, activities and workstreams, to support the achievement of desired outcomes.

What We Offer

Givan below are the Trainings/CPD Program Suites we offer

  1. Management & Business Strategy Suite
  2. Sales & Marketing, Problem-Solving Suite
  3. Social – Media & Digital Marketing Suite
  4. Experiential Team Building Suite
  5. Business Communication, Presentation & Report Writing Suite
  6. Accounting & Financial Management Suite
  7. Human Resource Management Suite
  8. Safety, First-Aid & CPR
  9. Iso & 5 “S” Trainings Suite
  10. Life & General Insurance Suite
  11. Tourism, Hospitality, Event Management & Mice Suite
  1. Project Management & Quantity Surveying Suite
  2. Coding, Graphic Designing, Video Editing & Animation Suite
  3. International Trade Suite
  4. Legal Suite
  5. Supply Chain & Logistics Suite
  6. Taxation Suite
  7. Lean Six Sigma Certification Suite
  8. Productivity Improvement Suite
  9. ERP Suite
  10. MIS Suite
  11. Banking & Finance Suite

Why Choose Us ?

The Corporate Campus develop and deliver trainings from the point of the Employer rather than the Employee, by doing so we support the achievement of organizational objectives whilst upgrading the skill-set of the workforce.
Further, TCC is a leading global Human Resources Development firm providing actionable, need driven Training & Developments to client workforces critical skill upgrade requirements. Relationships spanning more than two decades with public and private corporations, private equity firms, etc. Deep expertise across industries, continents, and business cycles to help firms drive growth, enhance profits, increase value, and make better business decisions.

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